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TIP Solutions Review (TSR) Process: Overview

Enhancing the Quality & Effectiveness of Your Work with Young People & Their Families

Purpose of the TIP Solutions Review

The purpose of the TIP Solutions Review process is four-fold to:

  • Inform and enrich your work with the specific young person being reviewed.
  • Set the occasion to enhance the knowledge and competencies of the Transition Facilitators (TF) and other program personnel in the application of the Transition to Independence Process (TIP) Model® guidelines and practices to improve the progress and outcomes of youth and young adults with EBD and their families.
  • Develop plans that guide and coordinate ongoing services and supports with a young person.
  • Celebrate your transition team successes in working with youth and young adults and their families and other informal key players in their lives.

The TIP Solutions Review process is to assist your team in problem-solving ways to improve your effectiveness in your working with young people, their informal key players, and other formal key players. This is the only activity in the TIP Model® that is done without having the young person in the session.

The TIP Model® Guidelines, Practices, and Transition Domains are outline in the appendices of TIP Solutions Review User Guide for your reference when preparing your Young Person (YP) Descriptive Outline and for your transition group to refer to as you discuss this young person during the TIP Solutions Review session. As your NNYT Consultant works with your site, you’ll be trained and mentored in the use of the TIP Solutions Review process. This process was previously known as “Case-Based Review.”