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Past Events

The Big E.A.S.Y. (Expanding Access to SupportingYouth)

On Friday, August 12th, a group of youth, Ekhaya staff and community partners braved the torrential rains to gather in downtown New Orleans for the first Big E.A.S.Y. (Expanding Access to Support Youth). This was a version of our Training Academy’s TAY UnConventions that we have brought to many different cities to unite providers and young adults. Our mission was to give over a hundred of Louisiana youth and young adults the opportunity to obtain FREE valuable information and resources in the areas of education, training, employment and mentorship.


The Big E.A.S.Y. is a community effort to expand access for youth and young adults to:

  • Educational and training opportunities
  • Employment opportunities
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • A supportive System of Care
  • Building a network and developing networking skills
  • Expanding minds by learning great brainstorming methods
  • Become empowered and motivated by inspirational speakers and performers
  • Develop independent living skills
Peer and mentor relationships with lots and lots of inspiring music, dance and expressive arts!
Expanding access to job shadows, school and job tours and internships that can often become the initial steps on the path to greater rewards and responsibilities.


A rambunctious young man, Jose, who was homeless on the streets of New Orleans a few short years ago, came back to share his story of hope, struggle and eventually success.


Expanding access to the many empowering projects, educational and job opportunities in NOLA.
At Herzing College


Ekhaya plans to bring The Big E.A.S.Y. back next year – bigger, bolder and with more “expanded access” for youth and community partners to sing, dance, create, network and CONNECT! Vist the Ekhaya website to see more of the great work they are doing.